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You may have heard that "content is king". But not just ANY content, content that is better than the rest is KING. Search Engines reward the best and most popular content. There are millions of sub-par articles on the web waiting in fear of being outranked by someone better. Don't waste your time and money on worthless blog posting and thinking you're doing the right thing. With Mozzi, your content marketing efforts are designed to weaponize your competitive advantages and hit their mark for your target audience.

Intelligent Content Strategy: Grab attention and links

Boast about your latest ideas, inventions, and the competitive advantages of your organization. Our content strategy is heavily weighted on SERP and relevance advantage. Need a quick authority boost? Go against the grain with viral and provocative industry pieces are designed to be emotionally-reactive and sharable. 

Content Types

  • Proactive / reactive / current event blog posting
  • Skyscraper / pillar content 
  • Glossaries
  • FAQ / question & answer 
  • How-to guides 
  • Pop listicles
  • Infographics
  • Tools and calculators
  • PDF Resources
  • Guest blogging
  • Cheat sheets / checklists
  • Memes (yes, memes)
  • Comparative / authority content
  • Product guides
  • Investigative / industry content
  • Viral / provocative thought pieces

Content Production + Writers

Getting the right people to write content is key to organic success. With Mozzi you get a dedicated writer and expert support for your industry. We also work with your in-house team to identify employees and stakeholders who are best fitted to write a portion of your content strategy. 

Utilize your own experts

Your expert employees are the best to tap for producing and strategizing great content. Many organizations have 1-2 employees with availability to write an industry rich article once a month. Page templates and calendars will be provided to make the process efficient.

Page Templates, Content Calendars, & More

We are all about providing the most value for organizations we work with. Depending on your needs, HTML/CSS/PHP page templates and content calendars can be generated for you at any level of involvement.

Your Guide

Content Director
CJ combines SEO and copywriting prowess to help our partners grow intelligent and high-growth content campaigns for organic search.
He spends his time researching, writing, strategizing competitive content, and working with experts to deliver search engine friendly assets.

Best Fit

Mozzi only works in industries where we "get it" and are best fitted to drive growth. It's slightly less profitable, but way more fun and provides the best results.

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