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Make sales targets organically with Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO Consultant based in Denver, CO and Los Angeles, CA
Search engines use a variety of metrics to determine your websites worthiness of showing up in search results. We use a formula focused on the most powerful metrics like content and user value to drive effective and competitive organic ranking. We leverage your strengths as a brand and as an organization to let your core competencies shine through on search engines. Get the orchestrated long-term strategy you need with fast access and updates. It's almost fiduciary. 

Proactive Growth Strategy

Get the full-picture of your opportunities for organic growth and how to get there. Understand your costs and get the right decisions for your business stages and objectives. Growth roadmaps can vary from 1 - 5 years depending on budget, competitive landscape, and goals. 

Know where your resources are best spent

Avoid the useless blog-posting and time spent waiting for rankings to improve. Many organic search strategies focus on tangible optimizations that look great on paper but don't provide results. 
  • Page Optimization
    • Headers & structure
    • Meta Titles & Descriptions
    • Secondary and related keyword insertion
    • Content order & information positioning
    • Image optimization 
    • Internal linking
    • URL structuring
  • Website Optimization
    • Page speed optimization
    • Page hierarchy and categorization 
    • CMS optimization
  • Web Presence
    • Google My Business optimization
    • Local profile management
    • Time-to-trust analysis
  • Website Acquisitions & Redesigns
    • Redirect management
    • Google authority maintenance
  • Keyword & Competitive Research
    • Competitor and out-of-industry competitor research
    • Content strategy research
    • Intent categorization
    • Content-type competitive research
    • Keyword maps & target audience searches
    • Long-tail research
    • PPC overlap strategy
  • Link Building
    • Competitive backlink research
    • Link building outreach
    • Public relations link building
    • Linkable asset management
  • Content Marketing
    • Intent and information-driven content calendars
    • SEO driven content strategy & production
    • Glossaries, how-to, QA, pillar, and more content types

Customer Insights

Getting into the heads of your target market is a keystone of marketing, and especially SEO. We take all the data we can get for target market  keywords, intent, questions, buying fears, trust factors, and much more.

Content Marketing

Content is a significant part of our SEO consulting because it provides significant results. Avoid the useless blog-posting and time spent waiting for rankings to improve. Get the best topics to write and guidance for writing them delivered to you. Jump to Content Marketing →

In-house integration

Mozzi integrates as a lightweight but heavy-hitting component of your marketing team.  Save money and time by utilizing your own in-house talent to achieve organic goals while also getting access to our experts to fill in the gaps. 

Speed & Communication 

SEO is slow enough. We'd rather get done what can be done today to progress quickly and achieve growth targets. This means fast communication and fast implementation of strategy... as long as your team can keep up!

Your Guide

SEO Director
Andrew combines data-driven with creative mindsets to help partners grow organically. Learning about unique industries and getting inside the minds (and google searches) of the target audience is a crucial component to his ROI-based SEO consulting.
He spends his time strategizing with Partners, developing optimizations, producing content strategy, and advising Partners towards the most cost-effective and growth oriented organic solutions.

Best Fit

Mozzi only works in industries where we "get it" and are best fitted to drive growth. It's slightly less profitable, but way more fun and provides the best results.

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See if your business would be a good fit by entering your industry + product/service or your website URL. We'll get back to you within 48 hours with a determination.
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