Best Floor Scrubbers for Self Storage

August 23, 2022

Commercial floor scrubbers are an important tool for maintaining and cleaning your self storage facility flooring. Floor scrubbers are machines that use brushes and jets of water and floor cleaner to clean the floor. Getting a floor scrubber is a smart investment, especially since self storage customers prefer cleaner facilities. Whether your floor is tile, concrete, or Resintek, a commercial floor scrubber makes for a fast job with great results.

Prices for commercial floor scrubbers can range from $1,000 to $40,000. You will want to shop around for the right prices for your business and facility size.

Best Floor Scrubber For Big Storage Facilities

According to Conger, the best scrubber for big areas is the Advance SC6500.

The SC6500 has 70 gallon tanks, a lot of cleaning productivity per hour, and is quite maneuverable. This type of floor scrubber is best suited for large indoor facilities.

Best Floor Scrubber For Mid-sized Facilities

According to smallbiztrends, the Predator Powr-Flite, their top pick for commercial floor scrubbers, was easy to use and provided excellent scrubbing power.

The Powr-Flite is battery powered and boasts an impressive runtime.

Good alternatives include the Windsor Saber SC17 and the Windsor floor machine: both easy to use and durable options.

Best Floor Scrubber for Small Facilities

If you just bought your first small storage facility and are on a budget until occupancy goes up, you may be able to get away with a Bissel-type scrubber.

Sometimes it's better to hire a cleaning service

Many facility owners don't have the resources or operational bandwidth to keep a floor scrubber on hand. Hiring a cleaning service every few months reduces the one-time cost and in-house labor needed by the storage facility.

Time to clean your storage facility

The type of the floor scrubber ultimately doesn't matter as long as you have an affordable, effective, reliable, and affordable model to keep your floors clean and entice potential self storage tenants.

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